Avoid the hits
When I came up with an idea of boxing photoshoot I was hoping for  anyone willing to allow me near to the ring - I just wanted to shoot some boxing. So I posted a request on facebook "if anyone knows anyone who's boxing and wants to have some pictures taken..."
And then someone sent me a message "What would you say for a photoshoot with world champion - because you know, she's a friend of mine and she's always happy to do some boxing and doesn't mind pictures as well..." "I'd kindly ask you to stop kindding me" -  I replied - but then it turned out that the Champion was real, the boxing venue was best in town, the session was two hours long and I was free to shoot anything as long as I didn't get in the way.

The Champion: Ewa Piątkowska
The SparringPartner: Karolina Owczarz
The venue: Uniq